5 Quick and Easy Ways to Burn Calories

It’s not always easy to make it to the gym, but that’s no reason to let your weight loss plan slip. Here are five easy ways to burn calories that you can do without special equipment or even leaving your neighborhood.1.

  1. Pull some weeds- Or rake leaves, or mow the lawn, or trim bushes and haul away the yard waste. An hour of gardening can burn almost 300 calories.
  2. Walk the dog- Take Fido for a spin around the block, or better yet, up and down a few hills at the closest park or hiking trail. An hour of this burns about 230 calories.
  3. Clean the kitchen- Scrubbing, mopping, and sweeping can burn between 150 to 200 calories an hour depending on how hard you go at it.
  4. Do the Electric Slide- A mambo step here, a kickball change there–it adds up pretty quickly. An hour of line dancing burns over 300 calories.
  5. Leave the coat at home- Shivering in the cold raises your metabolic rate as your body tries to generate warmth. One study found that two hours of exposure to 62-degree temperature burned 164 calories.

You don’t have to spend all afternoon on the StairMaster to meet your daily exercise goals. Burning calories can be as simple as working in the garden without a jacket or boogying down while mopping the floor.