Most of my adult life I have been a fitness enthusiast. Sure there have been times when life got in the way and I fell off.  But I always found my way back. Now I am a personal trainer and class instructor  at Southern Oaks Athletic Club. I teach lots of different styles of classes and incorporate different moves I’ve learned over the years. Some of those moves come from a crazy phenomenon known as CrossFit.  I’ve been intrigued by the CrossFit movement for some time now.  The combinations of exercises and the intensity is fascinating. Combining strength with endurance and power with control makes CrossFit very compelling. Putting a group of these moves together makes what is called  a Workout of the Day ( WOD). But frankly some of the moves are just too much for my 57 year old body. ( kippng pull-ups for one )  But still I wanted to try a WOD. I looked around a bit and found “Cynthia “. “Cynthia” has the combination of exercises synonymous with Crossfit without the g-force pounding punishment. It is a time limited set of 5 strict pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats that you repeat for as many rounds as possible (amrap) for 20 minutes.

My first attempt was on a Wednesday morning after I trained a client so I was relatively warmed up. Now, I can usually perform about 10 pull-ups and keep my form pretty well. Push-ups are not a problem and 15 squats is not even a warm up. So round one was great. Round two still no worries. By round three I was breathing pretty good mostly from the pull-ups but still getting 5 in a row. “Keep going” was my mantra. I was sweating and breathing hard by then. By round 6-7 my push-ups and squats were fine but those pull-ups were toasting me. I got three pull-ups  then dropped and shook  my arms and then finished  the other 2. Round 10 had me at the end of my abilities so it was one pull-up, drop, shake, try again. I finally got the last pull-up and said “Done ! “.  But wait! Still 10 more push-ups and 15 squats. But. I. Finished.
I finished 10 rounds in 20 minutes. I was sucking wind like it was going to be rationed. Sweat was pouring off me and every muscle was shaking with an ever so tired but satisfying feeling. If you are counting, it was 50 pull-ups and 100 push-ups and 150 squats. That’s a lot for most anyone.

My take away is this…this method of exercise is not for the faint of heart.. But if you want to get  your heart pumping with exhilaration and torch your muscles , this is it!
One more thing…the next Wednesday I did 13 rounds!