Lifestyle Habits That Irritate Skin

Certain lifestyle habits can cause disastrous skin issues. Work towards improving your skin by changing a few of your daily behaviors. The key to achieving your ideal complexion is a healthy lifestyle, which benefits both your skin and overall body. Drop your bad habits and revitalize your skin.

Lack of Sleep

Over-worked and under-slept aren’t ideal ways to live. Negatively affecting both your overall health and skin, neglecting your Z’s elevates stress levels. Rising stress levels aggravate the skin and can cause acne. Avoid poor skin by getting a good seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Not Washing Your Pillowcases

Washing your pillowcases along with your sheets isn’t a good idea. Launder your pillowcases more often that sheets, especially if you suffer from acne. A pillowcase harbors bacteria, which it can reintroduce to your skin every time you lie down to sleep. Wash your pillowcase twice a week to get rid of any irritating residue from hairspray, mousse, oils, etc.

Unhealthy Diet

A well-balanced diet, full of antioxidants and leafy green vegetables, is the best way to maintain flawless skin. Numerous studies have shown that a high-glycemic diet or a diet high in dairy can cause acne breakouts. To achieve healthy skin, dermatologists and skin experts alike advise a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods.


Certain medications can alter your body chemistry, often by directly affecting your hormone levels. Birth control is one common drug that may wreak havoc on your skin. By stimulating the sebaceous glands, they increase hormone levels and cause acne breakouts. If you feel your prescription medication is affecting your skin, contact your doctor and explore your options.


An everyday activity such as drinking can be fun and social, but drinking too much can leave your skin dehydrated and lackluster. Not only does dehydrated skin enhance wrinkles, but it also can cause overproduction of oil. If you believe drinking alcohol is the culprit behind your skin issues, then try switching to non-alcoholic beverages and monitor your skin for positive results.

Cleansing Too Often

Although popular for cleansing, abrasive scrubs are dangerous if used too often. By stripping your skin of its natural oils and over-exfoliating, harsh cleansers aggravate skin. Over-washing dries out skin and causes it to over-produce oil. Harsh scrubs can also irritate by scraping the surface layers of your skin. If you suffer from acne or another common skin issue, stick with a gentle cleanser and don’t wash more than twice a day.


Any stress is bad for your skin because it releases a hormone called cortisol, which increases oil production and inflammation, thereby resulting in clogged pores. Clogged pores combined with bacteria aggravate the skin and encourage pimples. Alleviate the stress in your life and maintain your glowing complexion.


Smoking is detrimental to your overall health, and also causes noticeable damage to the skin. Damaging collagen and elastin, smoking makes it difficult for your skin to heal. It also enhances wrinkles and deters natural wrinkle prevention. A well-known bad habit, smoking cuts years off your life and leaves you with poor skin.

Maintaining healthy skin isn’t always easy. Reducing any bad lifestyle habits will make it simpler to achieve a clear complexion. Smoking, stress, alcohol, over-cleansing, certain medications, an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, and not washing your pillowcases are all skin irritants. Work on improving your bad habits and watch the health of your skin rebound.